ADVENTurous is an open submission exhibition exploring the christmas narrative, which we're staging in 3 UK venues during advent this year : at Engedi in Colwyn Bay, Leftbank in Leeds and the Union Chapel in Islington, London.

The work exhibited at Union Chapel will also be part of the one-day ‘ADVENTurous' conference, hosted by Greenbelt Festival and partners.

On this blog we'll be posting regular updates about how plans for the Leftbank Leeds show are progressing, with information about the contributing artists, and possibly some previews of the work being created for the exhibition...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

introducing... Sonja Benskin Mesher RCA UA

Left Bank: so, first of all Sonja, welcome to ADVENTurous - we're really excited to have you onboard for the Leeds exhibition. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?

Sonja Benskin-Mesher: What to say? 

I live here in Wales, now having moved from the South about 20 years ago. Family moved here too, and we enjoy the landscape and people, our tribe.

Here, I found the confidence to work with art, and have continued to do so, full time for 15 years.

My work changes with life patterns, and issues, and I utilise whatever comes to hand to convey ideas.

Work practice involves writing, painting, drawing, light based media, installations etc.

I make of things what I will, and show work regularly in this country and abroad.

LB: I'm interested that you used the word 'tribe' - I'm wondering if that sense of belonging is something that Engedi might provide? [I think sense of community is something that gav is keen to nurture...]

SBM: Yes, I see I use those words, tribes and families, This slipped out intuitively while writing. Reflecting, this does apply to my experience with Engedi . I have found friendship, support and like minded people.

Collaboration works.

LB: You exhibited in the Engedi Easter show in Colwyn Bay... i'm wondering how you came to be involved with that project?

SBM: Initially Alan* contacted me requesting names of artists I thought may be interested, then after listing colleagues names, I added mine. I like a brief that creates debate and dialogue within an art practice, whatever  the belief. It stretches thought and the content of the work.

LB: I'm also interested to talk to you about the work that you're showing in the leftbank ADVENTurous show... it's a really intriguing effect that you get with the scanning of the dolls - i'm wondering how you came to make those pieces...?

SBM: My dolls.The fascination started years ago, and fired up when I saw the two in the antiques market. Besotted, I bought them, played with, and photographed them.

The images here, were made for the exhibition, Modern Madonnas, at St George’s Church in Esher. 

I place dolls in human situations, and let the onlooker make of it what they will. I have interesting responses. It is time consuming, and thought provoking. I like scanning, but when asked by a curator for higher resolution I found that

:: high resolution ::

can spoil the picture,
the tenderness.

some times things
are best left alone.

yesterday, i saw a man who
liked horses.

i saw a plane fly over.

(*Alan Whitfield,  one of the first members of the Engedi tribe)

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