ADVENTurous is an open submission exhibition exploring the christmas narrative, which we're staging in 3 UK venues during advent this year : at Engedi in Colwyn Bay, Leftbank in Leeds and the Union Chapel in Islington, London.

The work exhibited at Union Chapel will also be part of the one-day ‘ADVENTurous' conference, hosted by Greenbelt Festival and partners.

On this blog we'll be posting regular updates about how plans for the Leftbank Leeds show are progressing, with information about the contributing artists, and possibly some previews of the work being created for the exhibition...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Another Journey' by Susie Liddle

I am a printmaker with a leaning towards mixed media installation. I often use vintage
photographs, alter them and print them using cyanotype. I will then add other layers like
paper-cuts, screen-prints and text to build up the completed work. Sometimes I work on
textiles and incorporate them into larger installations. I will use whatever medium and material
works best for what I am doing.

My 'Adventurous' piece has definitely been inspired by my feelings at this time of year. All my
work comes from somewhere deep inside me where the store of life experiences, hopes and
dreams reside. I think this is common to all artists.

Mixed media.

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