ADVENTurous is an open submission exhibition exploring the christmas narrative, which we're staging in 3 UK venues during advent this year : at Engedi in Colwyn Bay, Leftbank in Leeds and the Union Chapel in Islington, London.

The work exhibited at Union Chapel will also be part of the one-day ‘ADVENTurous' conference, hosted by Greenbelt Festival and partners.

On this blog we'll be posting regular updates about how plans for the Leftbank Leeds show are progressing, with information about the contributing artists, and possibly some previews of the work being created for the exhibition...

Friday, December 14, 2012

'Life-Script of Hope' by Rachel Yates

In my current training as an Art Therapist, we have been exploring “Life-scripts” (similar to 
post-modern, post-structuralist ideas of being born into a subject-position. A somewhat 
pre-determined role, shaped by our parents, history, culture etc….)

The Magnificat, the proclamation Mary made before Jesus was born, became the theme to his 
life. I wanted to explore the adventure our human life-story goes on; through the different 
cultures, times and spaces. How are we shaped by the story that pre-exists us? How might we 
use “hope as a state of mind” (as described by Václav Havel) to make our story better? My 
artwork is an attempt to depict the development of a life story, beginning before birth, and 
changing, developing as it moves through time (yet all the time connected to it’s origin). 

I have appropriated the aboriginal style of dot painting as the foundation layer for the artwork. 
Aboriginal art represents “origins” in a general sense. This aboriginal image is covered with 
“scripts”; extracts from newspapers, printouts of statistics about births; unmarried mothers 
and infant deaths. All of which could influence our concept of “risk”, how we view the 
world and make our choices. 

Mixed Media

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